Oprah – Endorsement? – A Campaign Promise

Below are three of our latest Quibbls. We have assembled a nice mix for you to make predictions and climb up the leaderboard by letting us know what you think will happen (and being correct, of course).

By The Quibbl Politics Staff

Predict 2018 Quibbl Mix II


Oprah receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom

Oprah’s speech at the January 2018 Golden Globe Awards ignited a firestorm of speculation that the media mogul may have political ambitions. Will Oprah run for President in 2020?



Sheriff Arpaio Running for U.S. Senate

Sheriff Arpaio speaks to Trump supporters at a rally

On Tuesday, January 9th, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he would be running for Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s U.S. Senate seat. Donald Trump has been a big Sheriff Arpaio fan for a while. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Trump invited Arpaio on stage at multiple rallies and as President he even pardoned Sheriff Arpaio after he was convicted for contempt of court after refusing to follow court orders. Will President Trump endorse Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Senate candidacy by January 19th?


A Campaign Promise


mt rushmore
Will President Trump be up here one day?

Term limits for Congress was on the agenda for President Trump during the campaign. Will a campaign promise of reforming term limits in Congress make it to the President’s second-year agenda, and lead to a new constitutional amendment?

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