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Below are three of our latest Quibbls. We have assembled a nice mix for you to make predictions and climb up the leaderboard by letting us know what you think will happen (and being correct, of course).

By The Quibbl Politics Staff

Predict 2018 Quibbl Mix II

Infrastructure Overhaul

President Trump Pledged to Fix America’s Crumbling Infrastructure While Campaigning

The campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) will be interpreted differently, depending on who you ask. Someone who voted for President Trump would make a connection between #MAGA and renewing America’s infrastructure, like rebuilding roads and bridges. President Trump’s next legislative push is likely to be an infrastructure overhaul. For this effort, President Trump pledged to utilize around $1 trillion. However, the American Society of Civil Engineers in their most recent report found a need for $2 trillion over the next 10 years, to get U.S. roads up to speed. How many dollars will President Trump ask from Congress to repair America’s infrastructure? $1 Trillion? More than $1 Trillion?


Will Other Countries Follow Trump’s Lead?

Guatemala is Following Trump’s Lead

Nothing says building bridges like building embassies. President Trump announced, in December, the American Embassy in Israel will be moving to Jerusalem. Days after, the Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced he will follow suit and move the Guatemalan Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as well. Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Hotovely told public radio that ten other countries expressed interest in relocating their embassies. How many more countries do you think will move their embassies to Jerusalem, by the end of January 2018?


The GOP and the Midterms

2018 Midterms Are Right Around the Corner

Pouring massive funds into rebuilding US Infrastructure, and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem are presidential campaign promises that have been kept. As President Trump gears up to campaign on behalf of Congressional Republicans running for office he will surely mention these accomplishments. The midterm elections are less than a year away, but it’s never too early to quibbl. Will the Republicans retain control of both houses of Congress in the Midterm Elections?

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