AT&T, Trump Nominees, Infrastructure, Impeachment?, and Midterm Predictions

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By The Quibbl Politics Staff

Pre-New Years Eve Quibbl Mix I

AT&T Doles Out Bonuses All Employees

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After President Trump signs the tax reform bill into law, AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson plans to give every AT&T employee (200,000 people) a $1,000 bonus to celebrate. How many more companies will follow AT&T’s lead and give their employees bonuses to celebrate the passage of the tax overhaul?

The Senate Rejected a Trump Nominee for the First Time


Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Export Import Bank, Scott Garrett, was rejected by the Senate Banking Committee in a 13-10 vote (two Republicans voted with 11 Democrats). The Committee rejected him because, as a Congressman, Garrett had pushed for the Export Import Bank to be eradicated. Will President Trump’s next choice for Chair of the Export Import Bank be approved or rejected?

Infrastructure is Likely to Be Next on President Trump’s Agenda


President Trump’s next legislative push is likely to be an infrastructure overhaul. It is supposed to include the repair (or upgrade) of our highways, railroads, and more. On the campaign trail, President Trump pledged the plan would be around $1 trillion. How large (in dollars) will it be?



House Democrats are reportedly preparing to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump, a much more plausible scenario should Democrats gain control of the House in the November 2018 midterm elections. The possibility that Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller is also frequently cited as an impeachable offense. Will President Trump actually be impeached in 2018?

Midterm Elections Will be Vital to President Trump’s Agenda


Less than a year out from the November 2018 midterm elections, polls indicate that Democrats may be poised for a resurgence, their odds of winning Congressional control perhaps boosted by President Trump’s historically low favorability ratings. Still, President Trump is reportedly mapping out an extensive campaign schedule to support GOP canidates and try to maintain Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. It’s early, but are you already confident enough to predict the outcome of the 2018 midterms?

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