Predict the rise (or fall) of cryptocurrency

Here are Quibbl’s most recent questions about Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. Think you’re an expert? 

By Ben Purcell

Will Bitcoin (or a competitor) come to be viewed alongside more traditional commodities like oil, gold and Quibbl points?

Investors riding high on the Bitcoin wave were reminded what a wipeout feels like when the cryptocurrency lost nearly half its value over a four-day period in late December. A quarter of its value vanished in only a day’s trading. Whether this is only a bump in the road or a sign of things to come remains to be seen; the long-term future of Bitcoin and rival cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are up for debate on Quibbl.

Bitcoin Boom?

ETF’s are a way to indirectly trade an asset, commodity, or currency. The creation of a Bitcoin ETF would be a positive move for its long-term value. The Winklevoss twins — famous mostly for their controversial involvement in the creation of Facebook and less so for their appearance in a short-lived pistachio commercial — desperately want to create a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Will a Bitcoin ETF be announced by the end of January?

Until its recent rough patch, Bitcoin had been surging, When will Bitcoin rebound to reach $25,000?

Bitcoin Bust?

Market mavens like Warren Buffett and Quibbl’s Jonathan Silverman have long warned of a Bitcoin bubble. If you think the late-December slide will continue, invest your Quibbl points in a crypto-collapse.

Maybe you’re low on Bitcoin but high on cryptocurrency in general. If so, consider these questions about whether Bitcoin or an alternative will rise to the top.

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