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Quibbl Politics – Mueller’s Next Move(s)?

Has anyone ever been this deep in thought?

It’s been two weeks since the revelation that Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates had been indicted and that George Papadopoulos had pleaded guilty as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the first signal that the former FBI Director’s probe of possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was picking up steam. Beyond the legal implications for those charged, an expanded inquiry will also undoubtedly affect the Trump Presidency and the GOP legislative agenda.

Not even the English language could contain the concerns of one Republican Congressman who warned the evolving investigation amounted to a coup d’etat. While the House Freedom Caucus’s belief in a plot to overthrow a duly elected President may seem outlandish, there is generally growing speculation on the Right that one way or another, Mueller needs to go.

Others see fertile legal ground for the growing investigation, with some reports indicating that Mueller has enough evidence to bring more charges; specifically, to charge former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Others on the Left aren’t waiting for the results to come in, they’re already spending tens of millions to impeach President Trump.

What do you think?

With just under three weeks left in November, Quibbl users are betting on more Mueller indictments this month: 75% say he will, while the remaining quarter voted No. It would be interesting to see whether the “No” votes think no further indictments are coming or if they’re just betting on a more drawn out process.

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Quibbl Sports – Cowboys @ Falcons


Quibbl’s NFL game of the week finds two preseason NFL favorites looking up at the leaders of their respective divisions: Dak Prescott leads the Cowboys into Atlanta to take on Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

Maybe it’s because they’re on the road, or maybe it’s because Ezekiel Elliott is slated to finally begin serving his preseason suspension this week, but Vegas has the faltering Falcons favored over the streaking Cowboys.

What do you think?

So far Quibbl users are playing the odds and betting the Falcons. That means big points and a quick trip up the Sports Leaderboard for anyone who thinks the Cowboys can win without without ‘Zeke.

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Quibbl Entertainment – Perfect 10 for Maroon 5? 


Quibbl users who predicted that Maroon 5 would indeed use color wordplay in the title of their sixth album scored big points when the band released “Red Pill Blues” on November 3rd.

The Guardian judged it an album of “impeccable pop and middling R&B” in giving it 3/5 stars. And while it’s received generally favorable reviews across the board, how will music taste gatekeeper Pitchfork assess the album on its 10-point rating scale?

What do you think? Less than 5? 5-7? or 8-10?

The majority of Quibbl users, just under 60%, anticipate a reasonable review of 5-7. A little less than a third of users see a smash hit and a rating of somewhere between 8 and 10, while 14% of Quibbl users are haters who still haven’t embraced Adam Levine as the next Dylan.

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