Uranium, ‘Bama, ‘Bama, and Flynn’s Fate

Quibbl is giving you the chance to prove your predictive skills by answering four questions about some of the most important current political matters. Predict them correctly, and you will move up the leaderboard rankings! By The Quibbl Politics Staff A Post-Tryptophan (Thanksgiving) Quibbl Mix Uranium Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary, Called... Continue Reading →

Quibbl Redux: Money Never Sleeps

Quibbling about Russia, Rand Paul and Rising Bitcoin By Jonathan Silverman Remember when a batch of emails released by Wikileaks revealed that the Clinton campaign feared Rand Paul as a “different” kind of Republican with potentially broad appeal? I personally recall years ago frequenting New York City haunts near Wall Street, with the cryptocurrency fanatics... Continue Reading →

Quibbls of the Week

Quibbl Politics - Mueller's Next Move(s)? It’s been two weeks since the revelation that Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates had been indicted and that George Papadopoulos had pleaded guilty as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the first signal that the former FBI Director’s probe of possible Russian interference in... Continue Reading →

Early-season NBA Quibbls

Trouble in Cleveland? Quibbl overreacts to the first 10 games of the NBA season By Michael Zhou After a tumultuous summer where elite point guard and former number one overall pick, Kyrie Irving, was traded, the Cavs still came into the season with the same sky-high expectations: Championship or bust. However, as has been the... Continue Reading →

Trending Quibbls

One Quibbl Closes, Another Opens Major political questions about the new Fed chair, the governor's race in Virginia and a possible twist in the Mueller investigation By Jonathan Silverman Monetary policy, such as what it costs to borrow dollars from your local bank to finance your latest not-so-free enterprise, is determined by the Board of... Continue Reading →

Tax Reform, Mickey Mouse, and Wilbur

This week, Quibbl is giving you the opportunity to prove your predictive skills by answering three questions related to politics. Get them right and you will glide up the leaderboard rankings! By The Quibbl Politics Staff Tax Reform Tax reform is a major priority for the GOP and President Trump On November 2nd, House Republicans... Continue Reading →

Mueller’s Next Moves

The Russia Investigation Intensifies The special counsel's first charges took many by surprise. Answer these questions about what's next and move up the Quibbl Politics leaderboard. By The Quibbl Politics Staff Manafort's Future Beginning a new phase of his Russia investigation, Special counsel Robert Mueller filed charges against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former... Continue Reading →

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