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Predict what’s next for the Federal Reserve, President Trump’s cabinet and the tax code

By The Quibbl Politics Staff

Musical Fed Chairs

Janet, will you accept this rose?

Fed heads across America await the next interest rate ruler. President Trump has five main contenders under consideration to be the next Fed chief: current Fed Chair Janet Yellen, Fed Governor Jerome Powell, Stanford economics professor John Taylor, Fed Governor Kevin Warsh and chief White House economic advisor Gary Cohn. Will he select one of them as the next Fed chair or will he make a surprise pick?

Out at the Interior?

Don’t even think about laundering Quibbl points, Zinke.

According to reports, current Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke played a role in funneling millions of dollars to questionable political lobbying organizations. Some commentators have already called on the former Montana Congressman to resign from his current position. The story comes on the heels of the heels of former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s resignation over misusing taxpayer funds by chartering private planes for travel. Will Zinke become the latest Trump administration official forced out of their position?

Beyond Zinke, the cabinet turnover continues. The aforementioned former HHS Secretary Tom Price has yet to be replaced. Career HHS official Don Wright is currently the interim head. When will President Trump announce an official replacement? Do they play name games and ice breakers before each cabinet meeting?

Deducting Deductions

As the GOP continues to move its tax reform plan through Congress, the specifics of the plan are coming under increased scrutiny. Exactly how the plan will affect the deficit is of concern to politicians across the aisle, and one way the GOP is seeking to offset the cost of its unprecedented tax cuts is by eliminating tax deductions. A tax break known as the state and local tax break is one such deduction possibly on the chopping block: it allows federal taxpayers to deduct the cost of their state and local taxes from their total tax bill. Will the deduction stay or go for the 2017 Fiscal Year?

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