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Predict US job growth, Amazon’s 2nd headquarters and…the critical response to Maroon 5’s new album?

By Jonathan Silverman

Job Growth?


The September job report is out, and it has furrowed the brow of many economists. The economy has lost 33,000 jobs, but unemployment rate has fallen to a new low of 4.2%. If this makes sense to you, perhaps you can predict what the October jobs report will bring. Will the USA add more 100,000 jobs in October, or will the USA add less than 100,000 jobs in October?

Mayor Bezos?

“More headquarters! More quibbl points!”

One thing all economists can agree on is that whatever American city gets Amazon’s second headquarters, that city will see more jobs. The nearly half a trillion dollar company is expected to invest $5 billion in the city it chooses. The pitches have $7 billion in tax breaks, a giant Saguaro cactus, and making Jeff Bezos mayor for life in a 345 acres suburb. Which city will get that sweet Amazon cash? Quibbl on it here.

Maroon 5/10?


Whether you are employed or unemployed, whether you win a bid to build, or you go home with nothing, we all can look forward to the new tunes arriving soon. The music band Maroon 5’s sixth album titled Red Pill Blues drops with up to 15 tracks and multiple collaborations. How many stars will music rating firm Pitchfork give the album? Go ahead, everyone’s a critic. Quibbl on it here.

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