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By The Quibbl Politics Staff

US Economy Quibbls


3rd Quarter GDP

3rd quarter GDP numbers are slated to be released on Oct. 27th. For the 2nd quarter, numbers came in at 3.1%, according the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). President Trump has pledged to keep GDP growth rates above 3%. According to the BEA, will GDP numbers be above or below 3%?

October Jobs Report

During the month of September economists and Wall Street analysts predicted that the US economy would have added 100,000. Their predictions fell short and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported thata net 33,000 jobs were lost. Will more than 100,000 net be jobs be added or less than that amount for the month of October?


Stock Market Quibbls


Nasdaq: 6,750?

The stock market continues to reach record highs. The Nasdaq, a popular benchmark for tech stocks, was above 6,600 as of Wednesday, Oct. 18th. When will the Nasdaq break above 6,750?

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