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Virginians vote for governor, Catalonians vote for independence

Did you not get the memo?


But first, James Comey is back in the news. Multiple parties are requesting the release of the memos he authored detailing his meetings with President Trump. The memos, written just before the President fired the former FBI director, were a major topic during Comey’s long public testimony before Congress several months ago. With reports that government lawyers have asked a judge to block the release of the memos, will they be made public by the end of the year?

A New Governor in Virginia


With incumbent Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe ineligible for re-election due to state term limits, Democrat Ralph Northam clings to an average polling lead of less than 7 points in his Virginia gubernatorial match-up with Republican Ed Gillespie. President Trump has tweeted his support for Gillsepie, but Hillary Clinton carried the state in 2016 and Democrats have won 6 of the last 9 races for the VA governorship. Who wins on November 7th?

Catalonian Independence


In an October 1st referendum, over 90% of Catalonians voted to declare independence from Spain. Weeks later, the autonomous community of Spain in the far northeastern part of the country has yet to formally declare its independence. The Catalan President is seeking further dialogue, while Spain, after trying to stop the referendum by force, has threatened to impose direct rule on Catalonia if it further hesitated to declare independence. Will Catalonia declare its independence by November?

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