The NFL Anthem Protest Debate

Quibbl Against The Experts

Our Senior Politics Writer gives his opinion on the NFL anthem protests and challenges users to agree or disagree with his picks for what will happen next

By Andrew Prescott Kingsbury

Who will take a knee this Sunday?

My 2 Cents

It’s a lot easier to be angry about kneeling because actually dealing with police brutality and many other social and economic issues faced by African Americans is much harder.

A true patriot chooses to recognize real problems in their country and decides to fix those problems. An individualistic, jingoistic nationalist chooses to ignore those problems. Which are you?

The flag — most importantly — represents the Constitution and the Declaration… people seem to (or choose to) forget that. Both documents are steeped in the belief that “all men are created equal” and should have certain “inalienable rights; among which are the Preservation of Life, and Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Here are 7 quibbls on the #AnthemProtest and how I voted on each one.

Author’s Prediction: Yes. I say at least one Cowboy takes a knee. 

Author’s Prediction: No. I predicted that at least one Cowboys player would take a knee, but I don’t think team owner Jerry Jones will follow through on benching any players who do so. 

Author’s Prediction: Yes.  I don’t think President Trump will be able to resist weighing in again on the NFL, probably via Twitter either Sunday or Monday.

Author’s Prediction: No. After leaving a game last week in counter-protest, I think Vice President Pence’s part in this is finished, for now.

Author’s Prediction: 4-10 teams. This question is more up in the air. Generally, I think more teams will demonstrate a united front in choosing to stand, lock arms or come up with an alternate form of protest. But I still think players on some teams will take a knee. 

Author’s Prediction: Yes. The tenor of the owners seems to be more and more anti-anthem protest. Some are definitely worried about alienating fans and thus losing revenue.

Author’s Prediction: No. The NFL is worried about alienating fans, but this would be a step that goes too far in alienating players. Owners and players will probably reach some sort of compromise.

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