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By Ben Purcell

Just answer the quibbl, Ted.

Tax Reform

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said in an October 13th interview that he expects the GOP to pass tax reform “late this year or early next year.”

Quibbl is currently holding its users to a higher standard of prediction, asking if tax reform will happen by 2018. What do you think?

Before tax reform can happen, the Senate needs to pass a 2018 Budget Resolution. Doing so in November could be a sign that tax reform is on track to happen by the end of year. Will they hit the benchmark?

Deal or No Deal?

Kerry: “Look, if this deal gets de-certified, let’s at least get those quibbl points.”

In other news, President Trump said Iran violated the nuclear agreement struck by the two countries under the Obama administration. Most of Quibbl saw it coming. But some (including me) didn’t listen to Quibbl Foreign Policy Expert Jonathan Silverman, who tried to tell us a month ago that this would happen.

Chronic Health Care Questions

“Dear Diary, How does Quibbl know what I am about to do? Is Quibbl wiretapping me?”

Quibbl also asked if President Trump would take executive action allowing people to join health care associations in the next three weeks, and it barely took him a week to issue the order. Rand Paul correctly predicted this would happen but was too scared to go public with a permanent pick on Quibbl.

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