Predicting Politics: Monday Edition

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This week’s important political questions are up for debate on Quibbl. Do you have the right answers?

By Andrew Prescott Kingsbury

Major Supreme Court cases this session: how will the Justices vote?

The Equifax hacks may not be the biggest hack in the history of the world, but because it has the potential to affect the financial lives of over 140 million Americans it seems to be the hack with the most massive impact. As a result, the Trump administration is considering options to replace and get rid of Social Security Numbers.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is back in session with a big case on its plate. The case comes out of Wisconsin, where the GOP party in the midwestern state is being sued for surgical and intensive gerrymandering. A ruling could have serious and lasting consequences in the future and fate of gerrymandering. Some people think that SCOTUS will not make a decision in the case, some think they will decide in favor of the GOP defendants, and others think SCOTUS will decide in favor of the plaintiffs. What do you think?

The stock market continues to reach record highs. The next major milestone for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), one of the most popular benchmarks, is 23,000. The DJIA is currently hovering around 22,700. When do you think it will hit the 23,000 milestone?

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