And the Fed chief is…

Quibbls of the Day Predict what's next for the Federal Reserve, President Trump's cabinet and the tax code By The Quibbl Politics Staff Musical Fed Chairs Fed heads across America await the next interest rate ruler. President Trump has five main contenders under consideration to be the next Fed chief: current Fed Chair Janet Yellen,... Continue Reading →

Quibbls of the day

Trending Quibbls Predict US job growth, Amazon's 2nd headquarters and...the critical response to Maroon 5's new album? By Jonathan Silverman Job Growth? The September job report is out, and it has furrowed the brow of many economists. The economy has lost 33,000 jobs, but unemployment rate has fallen to a new low of 4.2%. If... Continue Reading →

Finance Quibbls of the Day

Prove that you're a finance guru destined to bathe in Wall Street casholine. Make your predictions below and glide to the top of the Quibbl Politics rankings By The Quibbl Politics Staff US Economy Quibbls 3rd Quarter GDP 3rd quarter GDP numbers are slated to be released on Oct. 27th. For the 2nd quarter, numbers... Continue Reading →

Political Quibbls of the Day

Political junkie? Answer these questions right and move up the Quibbl Politics Leaderboard. By The Quibbl Politics Staff Trump-Mueller pay-per-view? Drudge Report proprietor Matt Drudge called for a potential interview of President Trump by special counsel Robert Mueller to be televised live. While such a broadcast might be a pipe dream, the potential meeting between the... Continue Reading →

Previewing the Reviews

Quibbl Music scans upcoming album releases and asks how they’ll be received by the critics. By Lillian Aff Maroon 5’s sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues, is set to be released Nov. 3. The band is releasing a 10-track album, along with a deluxe version containing five more tracks. The LP will feature collaborations with... Continue Reading →

Crazy NBA Picks

Crazy Predictions For the Upcoming NBA Tip Off Quibbl Sports asks if you know more about the NBA than the experts As the new NBA season approaches each October, I look forward to a few things: the Vegas Over/Unders, measuring the offseason retreat of LeBron’s hairline, figuring out which team ended up with Andrew Bogut... Continue Reading →

Daily Political Quibbls

Political and Tech Worlds Collide Quibbl takes bets on Apple, Facebook & Congress By Quibbl Politics Staff Apple vs. Samsung Samsung makes many of the components in Apple’s products, including the iPhone. Samsung will be making the screen for the iPhone X. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, Samsung surpassed Apple in profitability; Samsung reported... Continue Reading →

Quibbls of the Day

New Political Quibbls Virginians vote for governor, Catalonians vote for independence Did you not get the memo? But first, James Comey is back in the news. Multiple parties are requesting the release of the memos he authored detailing his meetings with President Trump. The memos, written just before the President fired the former FBI director,... Continue Reading →

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