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In the aftermath of President Trump’s tweet last month declaring that transgender individuals could no longer serve in the military, several important questions relevant to the LGBTQ community remain unanswered. These quibbls will help you stay on top of things.

By Morgan Lee


  • US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has stated that transgender service members will continue to serve while the Pentagon studies how to implement Trump’s directive. He also plans to convene a panel of experts that will determine how to move forward. When will this panel be formed?
  • On August 29th, a group of evangelical Christian leaders called The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood created The Nashville Statement – a summary of the group’s beliefs on homosexuality and gender identity. Two prominent signatories to the document, Jack Graham and Tony Perkins, have been advisers to the President. Considering the widespread public reaction to the statement and his history of weighing in on LGBT issues, will President Trump publicly respond? Quibbl here!
  • The Senate is soon expected to take up the annual National Defense Authorization Act. Democrats are reportedly drafting an amendment to this bill that would reverse the President’s trans military ban. Will they attach such an amendment? Let us know your prediction.
  • A court case involving the bathroom rights of former high school student Gavin Grimm was postponed last fall by the Supreme Court. Questions have since arisen about whether or not Grimm still has legal standing. Will a lower court declare his case moot due to his graduation from high school? Quibbl about it here.

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