Political Quibbls of the Day

A few of the most interesting and important questions currently being answered on Quibbl Politics

By Jonathan Silverman

These are great quibbls. That I can tell you.

For those quibblers in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming. As temperatures drop, debate on Quibbl Politics is heating up. And that’s not the only thing heating up: more time indoors does in fact mean more baby-making, statistics confirm. How would US baby-making this winter be affected by a Trump Administration move to end the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that employers provide health insurance with access to contraception? So far, the new rule hasn’t been published in the Federal Register. Do you think it will be? Quibbl on it here.

President Trump’s campaign mantra assured us America would be winning so much that we’d actually be tired of all the winning. Such a limit is actually being tested on Wall Street, as markets continue to break records. Will the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC), slated to meet on September 19th and 20th, decide that the economy is winning too much for current interest rates and and make the call to raise them? Quibbl on it here.

Deals and hyperbole, that’s what President Trump does. But does he break deals as often as he makes them? The recurring 90-day deadline for the American President to check in with Congress on whether Iran is in compliance with the Iran Nuclear Deal is approaching. Will the President tell Congress that Iran is noncompliant? Quibbl on it here.


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