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Quibbl Closed, End of Discussion

Folks on Quibbl Politics are debating what’s going to happen next; the arguments below have just been settled, one way or another

By Ben Purcell

Sometimes Trump rally rhetoric turns into action, other times…

Though President Trump was long-rumored to be considering cancelling the Obama administration’s DACA program, Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders attempted a last-ditch effort to convince the President not to go ahead with the decision. A few quibblers thought he might change his mind, but the President ended DACA.

A few weeks back, after President Trump threatened a government shutdown over border wall funding during an Arizona rally, Quibbl asked if Congress would meet Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s September 30th deadline to raise the debt ceiling. The overwhelming majority of predictions on Quibbl were correct, although it’s unlikely that all those “Yes” voters foresaw that the debt limit increase would come as part of a bipartisan fiscal deal brokered by President Trump and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that tied the debt limit to hurricane relief. The measure only funds the government through December, though, so stay tuned for more quibbls.

The President followed through on another plan from the aforementioned rally when he pardoned controversial former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Just over 70% of Quibbl correctly predicted that the pardon would occur by the end of August, while nearly 30% didn’t believe it would happen. President Trump’s rallies have proven to be fertile ground for quibbl questions; after the next rally, Quibbl will help you track which of his statements turn into action and which turn out to be only rhetoric.

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