Apple vs Samsung

  Apple vs Samsung: A Symbiotic Rivalry They're two of the world’s largest, most profitable and most powerful companies. They're competitors in the most booming industry in the world: tech. They've even sued each other. But the futures of Apple and Samsung are surprisingly interconnected. By Andrew Prescott Kingsbury How we got here Everybody knows... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Aftermath

Quibbl checks in on the relief efforts in Texas, Florida and Georgia as the US recovers from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. By Morgan Lee Hurricane Harvey Here’s what you know Harvey made landfall August 25th on the Texas gulf coast as a Category 4 hurricane and remained in the Gulf of Mexico until August 30th.... Continue Reading →

EU Update: German Election

Another term for Chancellor Merkel? Quibbl predicts the outcome of today's election in Germany. By Nora Jaquemet On the 24th of September, Germany will elect the 29th Bundestag, the country's parliament, which will then choose the new German Chancellor. Angela Merkel has held the role for the past 12 years and is expected to be... Continue Reading →

Real-life Quibbles: Tax Cuts Edition

Political parties and thinkers disagree about tax reform. Quibbl agrees to disagree but wants to know, "What's actually going to happen?" By Ben Purcell Economist Lawrence Summers (left, in President Obama’s Oval Office) and President Trump's chief economic advisor Gary Cohn (right) think differently about tax reform, to say the least Still licking its wounds... Continue Reading →

The US Embassy in Israel

On The Road to Jerusalem? Quibbl checks in on President Trump's campaign promise to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recaps the President's major speech this week at the UN. by Jonathan Silverman Every six months, the United States Embassy in Israel could move to Jerusalem. So far, every... Continue Reading →

League of Legends Play-In Preview

League of Legends 2017 World Championship: Play-In Stage Preview Everything you need to know about the first round of Worlds: Team-by-team breakdowns, matchup previews & expert predictions By Matt Samuelson On September 23rd, the League of Legends 2017 World Championship will kick off in Wuhan, China. This year, Riot Games has changed the format of... Continue Reading →


Trending Quibbls In the aftermath of President Trump’s tweet last month declaring that transgender individuals could no longer serve in the military, several important questions relevant to the LGBTQ community remain unanswered. These quibbls will help you stay on top of things. By Morgan Lee US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has stated that transgender... Continue Reading →

Political Quibbls of the Day

A few of the most interesting and important questions currently being answered on Quibbl Politics By Jonathan Silverman For those quibblers in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming. As temperatures drop, debate on Quibbl Politics is heating up. And that's not the only thing heating up: more time indoors does in fact mean more baby-making, statistics... Continue Reading →

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