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In his first eight months, President Trump has backed the US out of the Paris climate accord and cut funding for both the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Parks Service. What will happen next for the environment and for environmental policy? It’s up for debate on Quibbl.

By Morgan Lee

Will the US come to grips with international climate policy or shake itself free of binding agreements?

A major government report on climate change is scheduled to be released this fall and hinted to conclude that “evidence for a changing climate abounds.” Will President Trump follow the lead of the Bush administration in stalling or altering the report’s release because it conflicts with his party’s political messaging, or will he allow the report to be published as is? What will be Trump’s next move?

In response to the US’s exit from the Paris Agreement, the governors of Washington, New York, and California created the US Climate Coalition in an effort to unify those states who wished to remain in sync with the environmental policy pact. In the group’s first month, 10 more states and Puerto Rico have joined the coalition. Its purpose is to serve as a forum for these states to discuss climate change policy and the best ways to address issues and national roadblocks in the future. As the Trump Administration continues to move in the opposite direction by rolling back environmental regulations, how many more states will unify themselves with the Climate Coalition? Quibbl about it here.

In addition to state initiatives to uphold the Paris Agreement, Michael Bloomberg has pledged to donate $15 million to the UN ‘s Green Climate Fund to help make up for the $2 billion expected to be lost by the US decision to leave the Paris Agreement. By how much will other companies and investors follow in Bloomberg’s low carbon footsteps?

When President Trump voiced his decision to withdraw from the international accord on climate change, he stated that the US might reconsider if he could strike a better deal. Many countries involved, however, including Germany and the U.K., promptly expressed unwillingness to make changes to the accord. After his apparently amicable meeting with Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron was optimistic that the US would remain in the the agreement. Was the withdrawal a negotiation tactic? Quibbl!

An iceberg the size of Delaware, lovingly named A-68, recently calved from the Antarctic peninsula. While some scientists believe that it was an isolated event, others claim that rising air temperatures have been impacting the ice on the peninsula for decades, causing larger and larger icebergs to break away from the ice mass. As these events seem to be happening more often, will another iceberg as big or bigger than A-68 break off from Antarctica within the next 5 years? Quibbl about the long-term climate impact here.

Voted already? See how your environmental policy chops stack up against the experts on the Quibbl leaderboard.

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