US Exits Paris: Now What?

Life After America for the Paris Agreement Quibbl asks what's next for international climate policy and compares differing opinions on the US decision to withdraw from the global pact By Morgan Lee with Ben Purcell As part of a global effort to slow and eventually halt climate change, 196 countries agreed to the Paris climate... Continue Reading →

The US-China Economic Chess Match

Trade War or Gamesmanship? Quibbl asks if strategic maneuvering by the world’s two economic superpowers will continue to escalate By Jonathan Silverman On August 17th, President Trump announced he struck a deal with Argentina to resume exporting American pork to the South American country after a hiatus of 25 years. On the surface, the benefits for... Continue Reading →

Italy & The European Migrant Crisis

The Politics of Immigration in Italy and Europe Quibbl explains where the European migrant crisis starts and asks what might happen next By Nora Jaquemet with Ben Purcell From a US travel ban to an EU summit in Paris, effects of the European migrant crisis are felt all over the world, but the movement of refugees from... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Episode 6 Summary

By Jacob Lieberman “What's the point in serving a god if none of us knows what he wants?” – Jon Snow   Welcome back, Quibblers, to our penultimate Game of Thrones recap of 2017. The second to last episode of each season usually features a major turning point and/or a large set piece battle, and... Continue Reading →

Trending Political Quibbls

A curation of political questions currently up for debate on Quibbl By Lillian Aff At his recent rally in Arizona, President Trump expressed willingness to shut down the government over funding for a border wall. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has targeted a September 30th deadline for Congress to raise the debt ceiling. With markets already responding... Continue Reading →

President Trump & The Opioid Crisis

The New Opium Wars President Trump says the opioid crisis is a national emergency, Quibbl considers the personal and political consequences By Jonathan Silverman with Ben Purcell The Rust Belt helped put President Trump in the White House, and now citizens of those states are watching as the President addresses the opioid epidemic that has... Continue Reading →

2017 Fed-Ex Cup Preview

Golf's Finest: Fed-Ex Cup Preview By Nick Sullivan With one event left in the PGA Tour regular season, all eyes turn towards the season-ending Fed-Ex Cup playoffs. The Fed-Ex Cup playoffs are the PGA Tour postseason that consists of four events starting August 24 and ending September 24. Throughout the 2016-2017 PGA Tour season, players... Continue Reading →

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