Quibbl’s Coverage of Game of Thrones: all the quibbls and more

We’re proud to introduce Quibbl’s coverage of Game of Thrones! We’re going to be doing week by week recaps and regional reviews over the next seven episodes. Oh, and of course we’re facilitating betting

At quibbl, our readers place their predictions on major events (e.g. TV shows, politics, sports), and readers who make the most accurate predictions win badges, points, bragging rights and have the opportunity to influence future coverage.


This week’s Quibbls

Episode 4 Preview / Episode 3 Recap

  • For an Episode 3 summary go here
  • For the Episode 3 staff notes go here

Season 7 Quibbls

Episode 2 Forecast/ Episode 1 Analysis

  • For an Episode 1 Summary go here
  • For the Episode 1 staff notes go here

Episode 3 Preview / Episode 2 Recap

  • For an Episode 2 summary go here
  • For the Episode 2 staff notes go here

This week’s Quibbls

  • We didn’t see Arya this week. Next week will Arya reunite with Sansa and Bran in Winterfell? Quibbl here
  • Dany’s plans have so far been absolutely disastrous. Given Olenna’s death, will Dany invade King’s Landing next week? Quibbl here
  • He was dragged onto a Greyjoy ship this episode. Will Theon shrink back into reek or take charge and reunite with Dany this coming week? Quibbl here
  • He’s the three eyed raven in Winterfell. Will Bran warg with a dragon next episode? Quibbl here

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