Repeal, Replace And…A Russian Lawyer?

The Weekend Edition of Quibbl’s Almost Daily Explainer breaks down last week’s top political stories, curates the best reactions from across the political spectrum and invites you to make fake bets on what’s really going to happen next

By Jake Klawans With Ben Purcell
At least 8 people attended the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr., Kushner & Manafort – no word yet on if they formed a softball team

Last week was jam-packed with news, but on balance there were two main stories that demand a closer look. First, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed the Senate’s August recess by two weeks to keep up the fight for a GOP health care bill. Second, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out an email chain that revealed his attempt to contact a lawyer with apparent ties to the Russian government. Trump Jr.’s Twitter transparency quickly took over the news cycle. Copied on the email were Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and the President’s campaign manager at the time, Paul Manafort.

Here Are The Basic Facts


  • What’s New
    • Yesterday Donald Trump Junior released an email chain outlining attempted Russian collusion contradicting his previous statements
    • McConnell’s Senate extension designed to push through health care legislation

Here’s The Commentary

  • Concerning the emails, The Atlantic summed up the problem:

“Even if the foreign power involved were the Brits and not the Russians, meeting with a foreign government to get opposition dirt for a U.S. presidential election is wrong and probably illegal.”

“To claim that Trump officials colluded with Russians is not the same thing as claiming that they violated the law. As with many political operations, including dealings with foreign governments, their actions can be unsavory without being illegal.”

“This was not a secret meeting with KGB agents. This was not a James Bond movie. This was three guys who met a lady for a meeting that was so inconsequential neither [Paul] Manafort, Kushner or Trump Jr. remembered it,” said the former House speaker.”

“Jared Kushner is a Senior Adviser to the President of the United States, and as such should be held to the highest ethical standard,” Beyer said. “Instead he has engaged in conduct which would have resulted in termination for any federal employee who was not specifically protected by the President, who also happens to be his father-in-law.”

Bets Of The Day

  • Multiple bipartisan sources are outraged by Kushner’s connection in this email chain, and because he failed to disclose the meeting on his security screener. Will Kushner’s security clearance be revoked by the White House in the next week? Quibbl here


  • Senator McConnell has already extended his time frame, and appears to be rushing the health care debate to a close before recess. However, the political atmosphere may have changed in the past day. Will Senator McConnell be able to pass his healthcare bill in the next week? Quibbl here


  • Sources around the Justice Department say Special Counsel Mueller didn’t know about the email chain, but now is interested in Donald Trump Junior’s emails. Will Mueller request Donald Trump Junior’s emails from the campaign in the next week? Quibbl here



  • Some are asking if any more questionable emails from the campaign will surface. Will more emails be released in the next few weeks before the Senate recesses? Quibbl here

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