5 More #Healthcare Quibbls

Senate Republicans keep working on their health care legislation, and Quibbl keeps asking you what’s going to happen. Here’s a batch of 5 bets for #Healthcare policy experts to wager on.

By Quibbl Politics Editor Ben Purcell

August recess casual
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed back the Senate’s August recess to give them a few more weeks to muster up the votes necessary to pass a health care bill. The GOP now finds itself drifting toward a political Scylla and Charybdis: they’ll either pass what has thus far been massively unpopular legislation or leave for vacation without getting any work done. Will they even make it to a vote?
  • Getting to a vote is one thing; passing the bill is another. Will McConnell be able to move both moderate and conservative Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act?
  • Still reeling from the last CBO score that determined 22 million more Americans would be left uninsured by the last version of the bill, will Republicans get a better grade from the CBO when they release an updated score?
  • Along with the joint statement of opposition on conservative grounds from Republican Senators Cruz, Lee, Johnson and Paul, Dean Heller of Nevada was one of the first in the GOP to oppose the health care bill. To this point, there’s been little reason to believe his stance has changed. Will he be swayed?
  • From handing out copies of The Art Of The Deal to Republican representatives as they negotiated their own version of a health care bill to discussing the topic over golf with the book’s author, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been one of the main characters in the GOP healthcare saga. Will he ultimately support the legislation if it comes to a vote?

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