2017 Confederations Cup Finals Preview: Is Germany Still the Top National Team?

2017 Confederations Cup Finals Preview: Is Germany Still the Top National Team?

3-minute preview of Sunday’s final match and consolation match

By Quibbl Sports Editor Kahlil Ellis and Matt Lieberman

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Haven’t been keeping up with the Confederations Cup? Click here for our recap of the group play and semi-finals.


Throughout the 2017 Confederations Cup, we’ve seen spectacular saves, incredible goals, and overall dominance from Germany and Chile, the two teams who will face it off in the championship game on Sunday.

Quibbl put together the major stories and trends to watch out for so that you can enjoy the games & betting.


What you need to know about the final match:


  • The Basics: The final match will take place at 2 P.M. ET on Sunday, July 2 at Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg between Germany and Chile. The match will be televised on Fox Sports 1 and streamed on a variety of sites.


  • We’ve seen this matchup already in the Cup, but that did not give away any hints. Just a few weeks ago, these two sides faced each other in group play, with the match culminating in a draw.


  • Germany’s star to watch is defender Jonas Hector, who has proven himself time and time again on the defensive end. Look for Hector and the German defense to keep up their standout play against Chile.


  • Chile’s star to watch is midfielder Arturo Vidal, who scored against Germany in group play. Look for the Bayern Munich star to potentially do it again against Germany, this time with the Cup Trophy on the line.



What you need to know about the third place match:


  • Consolation battle: The third-place game – a rematch between Portugal and Mexico – will take place at 8 A.M. ET on Sunday, July 2 Otkrytiye Arena in Moscow between Portugal and Mexico.


  • Family first: Cristiano Ronaldo announced on Thursday that he will not be playing in the third-place game so that he can meet his newborn twins Mateo and Eva.


The hottest, trending quibbls that will decide the final Confederations Cup Matches:


Confederations Cup Champions

While the odds are tight, Germany is the close favorite to win it all. However, Chile, led by Claudio Bravo and his recent heroics, could potentially steal the show.

Bleacher Report | Quibbl Here


Total Goals Scored in the Championship

With the semi-final games having five and zero (three in penalties) apiece, this quibbl is certainly up in the air. Since the first Confederations Cup in 1992, the finals match has averaged just under four goals in regulation time.

Quibbl Here


Third Place Goes To…

Mexico’s young team is exciting to watch, but they struggled against Germany’s efficient offense and strong defense. However, this could be a different story against a Cristiano Ronaldo-less Portugal team, who stayed neck-to-neck with Chile in the semi-final before being swept 3-0 in penalty kicks.

FIFA | Quibbl Here


Germany’s Julian Draxler to Continue Dominating?

Wing Draxler has played well so far in the Cup, with one goal scored, three shots on goal, and an assist. But, to what level will the young German captain step up in the Cup Finals in terms of scoring?

ESPN FC | Quibbl Here


Budweiser Man of the Match: Championship Edition

The options for Germany are forward Timo Werner, midfielder Julian Draxler, and goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen. As for Chile, the options are midfielder Arturo Vidal, forward Alexis Sanchez, and goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Quibbl Here


Budweiser Man of the Match: Consolation Edition

For Portugal, the options are forward Cristiano Ronaldo (do not be fooled!), midfielder João Moutinho, and goalkeeper Rui Patrício. For Mexico, we’ve got forward Javier Hernández, defenseman Rafael Márquez, and goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

Quibbl Here



Further Reading:

Addicted to international soccer? Or want to learn more to cast your Quibbls?

Here is our scan of the best Confederations Cup coverage across the internet…


Russian soccer fans struggle to hone their fanship, according to reporter Amanda Davies [Link to CNN]

While the Confederations Cup has run smoothly, Russia has failed to impress its “beleaguered” fans once again, going only 1-2 and scoring three goals before being eliminated from the Cup at the end of group play. While other countries’ fans party and celebrate across Russia, the host natives have no choice but to begin to shift their interest toward other teams.


The Independent argues that Russia is “almost ready” for the 2018 World Cup [Link]

The Confederations Cup has been a test run for next summer, when Russia hosts the World Cup, the first to be held in Eastern Europe. There have been widespread concerns regarding Russian fans, the state of the stadiums, and the security measures. However, Russia shows that they may actually be capable of successfully handling the enormous event next year.


Michael Cox presents the changes in the sport of soccer in the last decade, and how it has led to Chile and Germany in the Cup Final [Link to ESPN FC]

Both countries have gone through dramatic revolutions over the last ten or so years, especially in terms of player production and establishing an international identity. The game has changed, but these two teams been tremendous contributors in keeping international soccer afloat, the upcoming final being no exception.


Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez of Chile faces the biggest year of his soccer career, says John Cross [Link to Mirror Sport]

From the Confederations Cup to the Premier League to the World Cup, Sanchez and other pros have a lot to look forward to, but also a lot to work for. There are concerns from all sides regarding whether these superstar players will face burn-out in this packed year.



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