It’s the Final Countdown…to a proposal?

Quibbl is an innovative and game-changing news engine & data-driven marketplace of ideas,  in which users compete to predict the news, identify trends and source quality information as they compete for fantasy-sports style rewards (by betting points). The Bachelorette is a Primetime ABC reality television program in which individuals showcase the flaming hot wreckage that is... Continue Reading →

8 Crucial MLB Quibbls Nearing the Trade Deadline

With the MLB Trade Deadline Set for Monday... What's left to come? By Columnist Matt Lieberman As we enter August, we are more than halfway through an exciting season in Major League Baseball. After seeing the domination of teams like the Houston Astros and players like Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, as well as the disappointing campaigns... Continue Reading →

Are We on the Brink of a Recession?

The chorus of financial news powerhouses, economists and finance professionals is reaching a veritable crescendo, with many sounding recession alarms as they watch U.S. and global markets. Quibbl asks: Should we be worried?  By Andrew Prescott Kingsbury with Ben Purcell Remember... Years after the Great Recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis, many Americans still... Continue Reading →

Staff Notes for Week Two–Dammit Theon

This article is part of Quibbl's coverage of Game of Thrones, to see a map of coverage click here--all our past coverage and bets of the week By Jake Klawans About Jake Klawans: as Quibbl's UC Berkeley Campus correspondent*, Mr. Klawans writes political coverage for Quibbl - a YCombinator finalist startup disrupting the way we... Continue Reading →

Magical Mystery Mueller

If Mueller does a really good job, he’ll be promoted to extra special counsel By Jake Klawans, edited by Ben Purcell  Bob’s Job After a year of the media playing six degrees of separation between the Trump family/campaign and Russian oligarchs, Washington has turned to one man to separate fact from fiction and write the... Continue Reading →

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