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2017 NBA Draft: What You Need to Know

By Quibbl Sports Editor Kahlil Ellis

  • Top NBA draft bets
  • Overview of the NBA draft and this year’s biggest stories
  • Background on key quibbls
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Welcome to the NBA Draft. To most sports fans, it’s where a bunch of players puts on team caps to enter the next stage of their basketball lives. On the other end, dedicated fans anxiously await a chance for their teams to make a turnaround, while NBA analysts look for a few major plays that can shake up the balance of power in an age where the talent of the few determines the fate of the season. Across forums like RealGM and Reddit, millions of fans are talking about the draft and making predictions about its outcomes.

Quibbl put together the major stories and trends to watch out for so that you can enjoy the drama & betting.


Predict The Outcome To the Biggest Debates Around the NBA Draft – Links Below To Trending Controversies & Quibbls

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This Year’s Key Stories:

Lonzo Ball had a prodigious year at UCLA. Now entering the draft, his father has been pissing everyone off in the league. Does it matter? Averaging 15 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals in just one year of collegiate play with the Bruins, many believe the oldest of the Ball brothers has the potential to be the league’s next all-around superstar. However, his father, retired American football player LaVar Ball has been making all the noise for his son, launching a multi-million dollar sports apparel brand as well as throwing jabs at the biggest names in the industry, including Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan.
The Boston Celtics are shaking things up. Will they cause chaos on Draft Day, or do they have a serious shot at breaking into the league’s elite? After finishing with the best regular season record in the East (fourth in the league) and losing in five to LeBron James and the Cavs in the Conference Finals, the C’s transitioned quickly from their successful season, looking to make major moves in the draft. Recently, the Celtics traded the No. 1 overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for the third pick and another future first-round selection. Front office president Danny Ainge says he is confident the Celtics will acquire the same player with their first pick, despite the bump down. Who is that player? Still up for questioning…
Who will be the top pick, & what does that say about the evolving trends in NBA talent? It’s assumed that with their first pick, the Sixers will select Washington guard Markelle Fultz, the #1 listed prospect this year. At 6’4, Fultz put on a phenomenal showcase season with the Huskies, averaging 23, 6, and 6 while shooting 41% from 3. He, along with many others in the incoming draft class, represents the small-ball, shoot-now-think-later style of play that seems to be thriving in today’s NBA. Is this where the league is headed?


The hottest trending quibbls that will decide the NBA Draft

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Will the Sixers select Markelle Fultz?

Is Fultz the missing piece to the “process” that Philly has desperately extended? Or, was the trade for the first overall pick an attempt at something else?
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Will the Lakers pick Lonzo Ball?

According to Brad Botkin of CBS Sports, the Lakers are “all but set” on Ball as their second pick. While the Southern California native was not impressive in his initial workout, he has not practiced with any other team. Despite his infamous father, will Lonzo’s talent on the court finally be able to speak for itself on a professional level? 
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What are the Celtics really up to?

Rumors are emerging surrounding the Celtics front office, with many believing they may use their plethora of valuable assets to trade for big-name talent, with star guards Jimmy Butler and Paul George at the top of the list. What does this say about their third overall pick in the draft? Which prospect will be the closing piece for the Celtic’s long-awaited step toward being a true NBA contender?
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Further Reading

Addicted to reading about the NBA draft? Or just want ammunition to win your quibbls?…

a scan of the best NBA draft coverage across the internet

ESPN’s Paul Sabin shows you how analytics come into play in the draft:
When it comes to selecting a pick in the NBA Draft, there is a lot more than talent to be considered. ESPN’s draft model shows you their predictions on the potential of each individual prospect, based on statistical plus-minus (SPM). Among the incoming draft class, Lonzo Ball is listed as the most likely be an NBA All-Star. {Link to ESPN}
LaVar Ball’s style of “basketball parenting” is nothing new, according to Sports Illustrated’s David Kahn:
At this point, LaVar Ball has done it all to annoy essentially everyone, fans and professionals alike, in the NBA world. He’s insulted the shoe industry, television personalities, player icons (LeBron, MJ, you name it), and even an NBA franchise. However, it does not take much investigation to realize that we’ve seen this before with the NBA draft. [Link to Sports Illustrated]
Watch: NBA legends Jalen Rose and Tracy McGrady discuss LaVar Ball as a basketball parent. [Link to Youtube]
The role and play style of the “big man” has evolved substantially over the years, according to NYT’s Marc Tracy:
Remember in 2007, when the Portland Trailblazers selected Greg Oden as the first overall pick over Kevin Durant? Oh, how times have changed… KD just earned his first ring, while Oden did not even play two seasons worth of games, due to career-ending injuries. Why such a difference in fate? [Link to New York Times]
The SI staff ranks their top wing players in the draft:
This year’s draft class has an overwheming amount of back-court talent, so why not focus on who’s best.  Kansas freshman is listed as the top guard available, averaging 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists while shooting 51 percent from the field. [Link to Yahoo Sports]
What basketball fanatics are saying about the draft on RealGM:
Will Lonzo Ball actually reach the Lakers? What is Celtics president Danny Ainge thinking, trading away the first pick? Is infamous NBA Commissioner Adam Silver safe at the podium this year? Is this draft class worth the hype? While it is currently impossible to answer these questions factually, the insight and predictions of these hardcore aficionados is as valid as anyone’s. [Link to RealGM]

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