Our Readers Are Arguing Over These Stories, Making Real Smart Bets Using Fake Currency. Quibbl’s Weekend Edition Part 2

Quibbl’s Almost Daily Explainer with Ben Purcell: Weekend Edition – Part 2

The Stories Over Which Quibbl Readers Are Arguing Over & Making Bets For Fake Money

By Ben Purcell & Daniel Ross-Rieder

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Russia’s beloved leader reflects on his placement on quibbl’s weekly politics leaderboard
  • There is a meaningful shot that Theresa May could lose the Prime Ministership, according to this currently open quibbl. Then again, don’t believe everything you read. We’re still asking if Theresa May will be the UK Prime Minister on August 1st. Right now, it’s a dead head, with quibbl users giving Theresa May a 50% chance. With the recent criticism of her response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the the deep political issues she’s facing in forming a coalition with Northern Irish political parties, we will be monitoring to see whether crowd opinion starts to change [quibbl here]
  • There is also still a serious quibbl over the implications of James Comey’s testimony. We’re asking if the the testimony is going to play a role in convincing more Republicans that the former FBI Director was fired by the President to muck up the Russia investigation (Quibblers think there is a rough 60% shot that Americans become increasingly convinced that this is the case). With News that Robert Mueller seems to agree, will we see this increasingly become the dominant narrative on quibbl? Either way, July polls will tell the true story and we will learn who is ultimately right. [quibbl here]
  • [Author Ben Purcell’s note] I voted on this one and I’m still not budging. Robert Mueller isn’t a household name, at least yet, and I don’t see leaks from the investigation significantly moving the dial on opinion polling, especially amongst Trump’s Base of Support

Quibbl’s Senior Politics Editor Ben Purcell is a Graduate Student at Northwestern University’s MFA In Creative Writing & Daniel Ross-Rieder is an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Ben is a folksy Hoosier from the State of Indiana and Daniel is an arrogant New Yorker from the United States’ East Coast. Together, they enjoy bickering not only about US politics but also whose respective graduate program at Northwestern is in fact, better.

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