Jackson’s Secret?

Each week, Quibbl breaks down the biggest Entertainment stories and asks users the biggest questions about what will happen next. Who will cheat on who? Who will break the law? Predict correctly and move up Quibbl's #CelebrityScandal Leaderboard. Written by Emily Hansen There are few people more dedicated to music than the unforgiving, awe-inspiring, moon-walking... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Crime Paul Manafort Committed

Mueller’s Investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives is all over the news these days. One after another, those closest to the President have been indicted for a slew of serious crimes. Many key players have now pled guilty and received sentences for anything from money laundering to fraud to tax... Continue Reading →

The Green New Deal Explained.

What is the Green New Deal? When asked about the fourteen-page resolution, the majority of the public will struggle to provide a thorough answer. In short, The Green New Deal (GND) is a plan to invest in clean-energy jobs and infrastructure, which is meant to drastically change the energy sector and the entire economy. The... Continue Reading →

What the AFC North Taught Us About Rookie QBs

This is the first part of an eight-part series. Click here for the series primer.   After the Cleveland Browns defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Week 10,  Baker Mayfield told the press that he “woke up feeling dangerous,” which has since been permanently etched into meme history. Coming just one week after a surprisingly competitive... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down the Cohen Testimony

Last week, Michael Cohen testified in front of a House Panel. Today, he is back on Capitol Hill to answer more questions. In his testimony, Trump's former personal attorney made statements relating to hush money for Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels, suspicions of Russian involvement in Trump's 2016 campaign, and the president's infidelity and alleged... Continue Reading →

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